Silver Show

The Silver Show

Ideal for large family celebrations, community events and fundraisers, the Silver Show is
designed for up to 100 audience members and invites your friends and family to take a peek into the world of a professional magician, and reconsider their notions of what is (or is not) real. 

A quality magic show is full of audience participation, making every single performance a different show, and one that your guests will remember for years to come!


  • 30 minutes of genuinely incredible award-winning magic and hilarity
  • Tons of audience participation so everyone knows they are a part of the show
  • Professional sound system (save money and avoid system rental fees!)
  • Full backdrop, stage settings and accessories
  • Complete show scripted to music

Avoid every event planner’s nightmare of entertainment that doesn’t show up

Alex Zander is a full-time professional, and has NEVER cancelled on a client

Don’t wait to experience the difference High Quality Entertainment will bring to your event