Platinum Show

The Platinum Show

For event planners and companies ready to go the extra mile for their clients and employees, the Platinum Show is our premium live presentation that brings wonder and illusion to the stage by bringing your audience together through group bonding and mutually-shared experiences of disbelief during their a magic-packed ride.

Created for 500-1,000 audience members, the Platinum Show is the accumulation of over a decade of study, prestidigitation and nonsense, and is GUARANTEED to leave your guests sharing their fond memories of a magical evening.


  • 1 hour of award-winning magic, creativity and comedic nonsense
  • Audience participation through the show from both the stage and seats!
  • Professional sound system (save money and avoid system rental fees!)
  • Full backdrop, stage settings and accessories
  • Complete show scripted to music
  • PLUS: Alex’s Award-Winning Act “The Unwinnable Prize”
  • PLUS: Exclusive “Meet The Magician” Q&A session* 
  • PLUS: Exclusive Close Up Magic ADD-ON: The perfect way to connect with your audience and electrify the air with a magical buzz before showtime.
    Find out more about our
    Premium Close Up Magic services here. 


Avoid every event planner’s nightmare of entertainment that doesn’t show up

Alex Zander is a full-time professional, and has NEVER cancelled on a client

Don’t wait to experience the difference High Quality Entertainment will bring to your event