Gold Show

The Gold Show

The Gold Show is a larger presentation to fill the stage or banquet hall!
Created for 100-300 audience members, the Gold Show welcomes your friends and family to take a step into the world of a professional magician, and reconsider what it takes to fool the senses.

A quality magic show is full of audience participation, making every single performance a different show, and one that your guests will remember for years to come!


  • 45 minutes of genuinely incredible award-winning magic and hilarity
  • Tons of audience participation so everyone knows they are a part of the show
  • Professional sound system (save money and avoid system rental fees!)
  • Full backdrop, stage settings and accessories
  • Complete show scripted to music
  • PLUS: Alex’s Award-Winning Act “The Unwinnable Prize”
  • PLUS: Exclusive “Meet The Magician” Q&A session


Avoid every event planner’s nightmare of entertainment that doesn’t show up

Alex Zander is a full-time professional, and has NEVER cancelled on a client

Don’t wait to experience the difference High Quality Entertainment will bring to your event