Magic Mentorship

Magic Mentorship

Have YOU been bit by the magic bug?

If you are enthralled by the art of magic, the secrecy of one of the oldest professions known to man, and have the desire to astound those around you It’s Gotta Be Magic! Learning magic can help develop increased self confidence, a sense of individuality, and encourages public speaking skills which are all highly valued in the later years of schooling and certainly throughout professional life.

Alex has taught his magic class curriculum with astounding success for YEARS throughout SD43 as an after-school program and due to high demand, has begun to offer one-to-one sessions as well!

As a Past-President of the Vancouver Magic Circle, and a current Executive Officer of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, students have the rare opportunity to study with a professional in the field along with access to an untapped network of resources reserved for those in the inner network of performers. 


The Magic Class Curriculum Includes:

  • One Month of weekly 1-hour lessons
  • One-to-one instruction to focus on student interests
  • ALL resource materials from course curriculum
  • ALL professional-grade props required for advanced material
  • Genuine apprentice magic wand
  • Certificate of Completion

Contact us today to find an available time slot for recurring lessons. This consistency is important to allow students adequate rehearsal time in between lessons.

Watch and learn alongside your child as they experience their first steps toward their new performance skill.

Magic Class is a great for:
– Self Confidence Development –
– Comfortability with Public Speaking –
or just adding an extra skill set to your arsenal of social engineering tools!

Magic Class offers an unparalleled chance to develop an individual skill or create a parental bonding experience that can be shared for a lifetime.